1:1 ACS test call


This article aims to show a work through of integrating ACS + ANH + CallKit + PushKit for SwiftUI iOS application. Yes right! all together at once. Sounds bit much though, you’ll get a nice working example after you go through this article.

ACS(Azure Communication Services) is fairly new to the industry(Pre release announced around Sep. 2020) and there are quite many voice chat service providers like Amazon, Twilio, and etc… But I chose ACS over other services because ACS integrates all the communication related services as one single service like connecting landline phone to the…

Multi Environments Distribution with React Native using Azure AppCenter

Part.1 Configuring react-native-config

Part.2 Configuring AppCenter fo iOS: This article

Today, we are going to explore deployment process of Azure AppCenter for iOS with .env environments.

Let’s start with configuring development environment.

Azure AppCenter Welcome page

To configure Azure AppCenter for iOS, you need certificate and provisioning profile from Apple developer center.


Go ahead and grab your certificate and provisioning profile.

If you have them already, let’s get started.

Configure AppCenter for iOS

Let’s start with dev environment.

Click “Add new app” and fill in the form as below.

App name: {your_project_name}-INT

Release Type: Alpha or Beta according to your distribution stage.

Owner: You or your organization(if…

Display name for each configuration

Starting next month, we are planning to start implementing our very first mobile app with ReactNative, but none of us had a good experience with Native app distribution on Apple app store or Google play store. So I went ahead and tried some deployment and distribution scenarios. There are some requirements that I wanted to achieve:

  • Local debug environment for each stage
  • .env configuration should not uploaded on repository
  • Auto distribution with git commit(pull request)
  • Code push
  • Works for both iOS and Android
  • App display name should be different for each environment.

There are many great tutorials on what I…

Today, I want to share how to force browser to reload cached js files.

We often experience that our updated js files don’t reflect the changes when deployed.

This is because of the browser cache. The general(and widely used) solution is to append some random number to js file name(Yes I was using this method on our current applications).

This could be a solution but not a good one because it loads js files on every load.

We can use cached Js fils if there are no changes with them and refresh only when they are changed.

Below approach uses…

Today, I want to share jqury validation on MVC5.

UI validation on MVC5 doesn’t highlight the text input area by default as below.

It only displays validation messages if the model has validation error on it.

But I’m sure you already seen something like below somewhere on the web.

Recently, I built a POC for PWA using Vue.js, Vuex, and Vuetify. I shared it with my colleagues and it was a blast I say. The demo I built was based on our existing MVC5 project which is responsive but not 100% mobile ready. We’ve been looking for a good solution that can cover both web and mobile and have come to an agreement that Vue.js and Vuetify could be our solution for future development.

After the session, some colleagues wanted to jump right on to Vue.js but there are some cases that we must consider before starting the actual…

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